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Short Range Table of all Tested Pellets

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This table shows the relative performance of the pellets listed from a single rifle for each caliber. The LOWER the performance number of a pellet, the better it's performance. (Think of it as golf.) Higher performance numbers indicate poorer pellet performance. At moderate velocities (600 fps) a difference of 30 points (0.030) is needed to make a significant practical difference in pellet performance at 50 yards. At high velocities the effectual difference is realized at close range. This difference of 0.030 is the starting point for concern in differences in the performance factors unless you want to split hairs. There was a total of 214 points (0.214) difference between the best and worst downrange performance factors with the worst pellet having a lower performance than a steel BB! In determining the performance factor of each pellet, 5 different air rifles or pistols were used.

This table is most useful in revealing the discrepancy between the power delivered by pellets of differing weights at various range. It also reveals the differences in downrange power retention between pellets with varied performance factors. All values listed here are from a single rifle for each caliber. The performance factor for each pellet will be very close to the same in your gun*. Only the muzzle velocity may change. *15 different air rifles and pistols were used to determine the performance factors of these pellets.

The WLV is a value which is equivalent to the weight on an animal that can be cleanly killed at the distance listed by the pellet indicated. As the velocity increases the pellet is capable of killing larger prey. All values listed here are for the muzzle velocity shown in the previous table. TKO is the result of the energy formula developed by John "Pondoro" Taylor for the measure of killing effectiveness of a projectile. The numbers are relative values of the power level of the pellet with the larger values being more effective than the smaller ones.The values shown are for the muzzle velocity shown in the velocity table. Dividing the TKO value by the performance factor will = the TKO at 10 yards, dividing by PF squared = 20 yards, dividing by PF cubed = 30 yards, etc.

Pellet Energies and Velocities

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