Assurance of Quality

You will be given a written 90 day warranty on the parts and labor of all services provided. I expect your gun to last for years but this should give you the assurance that you have ample opportunity to evaluate the work done on your air gun. I want you to be satisfied with my work because I value your trust and my reputation. If you have any issues with your repairs, or questions concerning your air gun please contact me through one of the contact options listed on this web site.

Your gun will be thoroughly inspected, tested, cleaned and lubricated during or after your repairs. During your repairs all seals and valve components will be replaced with new factory replacements. In cases this is not suitable; if your valves are rebuilt, the seats and gasket surfaces will be cleaned and factory original replacement parts (or in the case of some older guns, rebuilt parts with new components) will be installed to restore as new performance. Your rifle will be sighted in at 20 yards and chronographed to verify it is performing as it was designed. (If a pistol or BB gun is submitted, it is to be sighted at 10 yards.) All safety features will be operating as designed by the manufacturer but please follow the rules of safe gun handling as outlined in the copy of the Owners Manual provided with your gun upon its return.


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