Gun Safety

  • Never point the airgun at any person or anything you do not intend to shoot.

  • Always treat the airgun as if it was loaded and with the same respect you would give to a firearm.

  • Always make certain the direction in which you aim is safe.

  • Always keep and maintain the muzzle of the airgun pointed in a safe direction.

  • Always keep the airgun safety on until you are ready to shoot.

  • Always check to see that the airgun safety is in the "Safe" position and that the airgun is unloaded when you receive it from another person or from storage.

  • Never place your finger inside the trigger guard or on the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

  • Always wear eye protection. If your reading or prescription glasses are not certified safety glasses make certain to protect your eyes with shooting glasses over your regular eyeglasses.

  • Make certain the pellets you are using are the same caliber as indicated on the airgun you are intending to load.

  • Never reuse ammunition that has been previously loaded or ammunition that is deformed.

  • Do not shoot at hard surfaces or at the surface of water. A pellet or other projectile can ricochet or bounce back and strike someone or something which you did not intend to hit.

  • When using a backstop designed to safely contain the pellet or other projectile, make certain you place it in a location that will not cause injury or damage if you miss the target or if the backstop fails.

  • Your backstop should be examined for damage and excessive wear before and after each use. All backstops are subject to wear and will eventually fail if used beyond their ability to contain and arrest the projectiles they are designed to handle. Replace any backstop that shows any signs of failing such as cracks or deep denting or if the backstop allows a projectile to ricochet or escape containment.

  • Before storing your airgun, make certain that it is on "Safe" and that it is not charged or loaded. Store your airgun in a secure location that prevents unauthorized persons or children from access to it.

  • Any disassembly or modification to the function of your airgun may render it unsafe and will void your warranty. Always refer needed repairs to a factory authorized Service Center.

  • If you are unfamiliar with the use, operation or any related aspect of your airgun, do not use it until you have gained proper instructions. For assistance contact CROSMAN at 800-724-7486 or to obtain the appropriate Owner's Manual free of charge.


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